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Wine Meander South Africa: Stellenbosch

My friends and I had been planning a Stellenbosch wine meander for weeks, however finding an entirely free day was getting harder and harder. But, driven by our love for all things ‘vino’, we successfully managed to postpone all our responsibilities and set off to explore the beautiful Stellenbosch wine region. . . .Read More: Wine Meander South Africa: Stellenbosch

Outdoor Adventures in Cape Town

Summer’s finally here, after what seems like an interminably long winter! And as the weather has warmed up and the desire to be out of doors increases, 21 Things To Do in Cape Town is starting to look at content for next year’s guide. Cape Town has always been a fantastic outdoor adventure destination and Capetonians always up for something new so we hope you will help us fill out options for visitors to our beautiful city. . . .Read More: Outdoor Adventures in Cape Town

Topless at Sunset: A Cape Town Bus Tour…

At 6pm every day a topless red double decker bus leaves the Aquarium at the V&A Waterfront for a bit of a whirl around the Atlantic Seaboard and Cape Town’s CBD. We’ll get back to quite how successful a whirl that is later, but know first that the trip lasts two and a half hours and costs R80. Apart from, the Cape Town Explorer Topless Bus has to be the biggest bargain intro to Cape Town at sunset around – and we all know how integral Sundowners are to the Cape Town experience. . . .Read More: Topless at Sunset: A Cape Town Bus Tour…

South African Craft Beer: Should wine be worried? (3/3)

Last in the series on South African micro-brewers: The upshot of all this beer talk is simply this: you want to drink a beer that tastes of something, where you can distinguish the hops from the barley from the malt from the yeast. Where there is a variety of flavours on offer, rather than just a variety of strengths. Where there are no additives, or preservatives or chemicals of any kind involved in what should be an entirely natural process. Then go no further than any of these august enthusiasts. And they must be onto something because the competition is building and the market is growing with it: supply and demand for a more natural product and a more natural taste. Read more here…
. . .Read More: South African Craft Beer: Should wine be worried? (3/3)

South African Craft Beer: Should wine be worried? (2/3)

Welcome to Part 2 of our series on South African Craft Beer: Beyond Brewers & Union was Mitchell’s Brewery, established way back in 1983 and now South Africa’s most popular microbrewery – or so their publicity says. Priding themselves on brewing 100% naturally (no chemicals, no filtration, no pasteurisation), Mitchell’s is a small brewery with a big heart – one big enough to stand up to big, bad SAB and still turn a profit. Like Birkenhead, they produce a range of lagers, ales and stouts, including two available widely on draught, Forester’s Draught Lager and Bosun’s Bitter. And then there’s Milk & Honey Ale, which really does contain honey (and you can taste it) but not Milk. It’s a smooth, sweet ale for those who find bitter just too, well, bitter. And highly recommended. Read on… . . .Read More: South African Craft Beer: Should wine be worried? (2/3)

All a Twitter about Cheese and Adoro Wine

Two Mondays ago, the 21 Things to Do team were invited to a Taste & Tweet event for Adoro Wines. The venue (suitably Italian to match the wine’s name and a couple of the cheeses on offer) was Long Street eatery, L’Aperitivo Wine & Cocktail Bar, and our hosts for the evening, the enthusiastic Ian Naudé (Adoro’s winemaker), the knowledgeable and efficient Erica Liebenberg (of Meles PR) and the affable Lucas de Kock (Adoro’s viticulturalist), introduced the wine of the evening. And it’s a South African first, it appears: a natural sweet Mourvèdre. Now Mourvèdre, as you may know, is seldom bottled by itself in South Africa (less than 10 at the last count) – it’s usually blended in, as it is in Adoro’s very own and rather fine Adoro Red Blend.
. . .Read More: All a Twitter about Cheese and Adoro Wine


Allée Bleue launches three new wines and two of those wines are pink. This beautiful estate outside of Franschhoek in the Cape Winelands of South Africa are also a major exporter of peaches, plums and persimmons. And now they have pinched the bubbly winemaker from Simonsig and have the largest event venue in the Winelands as well. Definitely worth a detour!

Foodie Roadtrip in Cape Town (3)


The last installment (for now) of our Foodie Roadtrip in Cape Town looks at Capetonian’s love for the hot stuff, a hangover from our historic role on the ancient Spice Route. Let’s hit some ‘hot and posh nosh’ spots in the beloved Mother City.

One of the hottest restaurants in town is owner Sabi Sabharwal’s Bukhara (021 . . .Read More: Foodie Roadtrip in Cape Town (3)

Foodie Roadtripping in Cape Town (2)


Welcome to Chilled and Grilled – 21 Things To Do’s Foodie Roadtrip in and around Cape Town – part two! The Mother City offers many dining ‘hotspots’ along the waters edge:

Head for the sea-hugging suburbs of False Bay for the famous Brass Bell (021 788 5455) in Kalk Bay. It’s a bit rough-and-tumble but it’s . . .Read More: Foodie Roadtripping in Cape Town (2)

Cape Cuisine – are we local enough?

Tony Jackman shares his thoughts…

A visitor to the Cape for the first time might expect the food in the local restaurants to be inspired by the tradition of the local spices and their pungent, rich history. For Cape Town is a city built on a confluence of empires, a settlement founded at a key stop on . . .Read More: Cape Cuisine – are we local enough?